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Presentation from the November 20, 2010
Kansas Rural Center Sustainable Agriculture Conference
"Connecting Cows, Carbon, and Carrots: Making Sense of Our Food Future"

Keynote by Joel Brown, USDA NRC
Climate Change and Agriculture: Challenges and Responses
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 6 megs)

Cows & Crops - Ecological Approaches to Farming: Models and Practices for a Sustainable System
- Mary Fund & Ed Reznicek, KRC
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 1.4 megs)

Hoop Houses 101
- Dan Nagengast, KRC
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 6.5 megs)

Kansas Smoke Management: Melding Legislation and Production Practices to Preserve Prairie Ecosystems
- Carol Blocksome, KSU
Download Presentation PDF

Patch-Burn Grazing the Prairies of Kansas
- Cade Rensink, KSU
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 4.3 megs)

Bio Char
- Jeff Schahczenski, NCAT
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 6.8 megs)

Opportunities for Local and Regional Food in Kansas
- Scott Allegrucci, KRC Board; Rhonda Janke, KSU; Dan Nagengast, KRC
Download Allegrucci Presentation PDF (Envisioning a Local Food Economy)
Download Janke Presentation PDF (Food Systems in Kansas) (large file - 5 megs)

Growing Healthy: School and Community Gardens
- Kirk Cusick, WCFEC; Candice Shoemaker, KSU; Jennifer Smith, KSRE
Download Cusick Presentation PDF (Whispering Cottonwood Farm) (large file - 1.6 megs)
Download Shoemaker Presentation PDF (School Gardens) (large file - 1.6 megs)
Download Smith Presentation PDF (Lawrence Community & Learning Garden)

Specialty Crop Insurance
- Jeff Schahczenski, NCAT
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 3.5 megs)

GAPs–Good Agricultural Practices for Food Safety
- Pete Garfinkel & Mercedes Taylor-Puckett, KRC
Link to Cornell Intro to GAPs Presentation PDF (large file - 4.3 megs)
Download Grower Self-Assessment Presentation PDF (large file - 3 megs)

Scaling-Up and Diversifying: A Tale of Two Farmers
- Tom Buller and Jill Elmers, Common Harvest Farms
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 1.6 megs)

Food Policy Councils
- Eileen Horn, Douglas County Food Policy Council; Babara LaClair, Kansas Food Security Task Force
Download Presentation PDF (large file - 2.6 megs)

Financial and Resource Assistance for Sustainable Ag Farms
- Karissa Berks, USDA Rural Development; Kerri Ebert, Kansas-SARE
- Mari Tucker, Kansas Department of Commerce-Rural Development
Download USDA RD Presentation PDF (Rural Business Cooperative Loan Program) (large file - 1.3 megs)
Download KDoC RD Presentation PDF (Value-Added Loan Program)

Farm Bill 2012: What Does the Future Hold?
 - Paul Johnson, KRC Board; Troy Schroeder, Kansas Wildlife Foundation; Donn Teske, Kansas Farmers Union
The 2008 Farm Bill included some positive programs for sustainable agriculture and food security. Join our panel to discuss the next Farm Bill–what to protect, what to change, and how to make it work for our food future.
Download Presentation PDF (Paul Johnson's)

The Kansas State University (KSU) radio program "Agriculture Today" broadcast a 10-part series on topics related to prescribed burning and smoke management. These 8-minute broadcasts are archived on the
K-State "Agriculture Today" website. In some cases, videotapes of the interviews are also available.

PowerPoint presentation of Rhonda Janke at May 31, 2008 conference on "The Future of Food in the Kansas River Valley" in Lawrence, Ks. 3.1 meg pdf file

PowerPoint presentation of Scott Allegrucci at May 31, 2008 conference on "The Future of Food in the Kansas River Valley" in Lawrence, KS. 5.7 meg pdf file

Presentation outline of Ken Meter at May 31, 2008 conference on "The Future of Food in the Kansas River Valley" in Lawrence, Ks. (160K)

Click here for the complete presentation.  For Ken Meter's complete PowerPoint presentation, please click the icon,
but beware, the file size is 17.4 megs.  Even on a DSL or cable connection, this can take awhile to download.  For best results, right-click the link (on a PC, or Command+Click on a Mac) and choose the "save as" option to download a copy to your hard drive.

Comments of KRC, the Eastern Kansas Chapter of the Organic Crop Improvement Association, and the Farmer to Farmer Campaign on Genetic Engineering re: Ventria's proposal to grow pharmaceutical rice in Kansas (81K)

Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and Sustainable Agriculture Coalition member directory - May 2003 (96K)

Kansas Country Living Guidelines (845K)

River Friendly Farm Environmental Assessment Tool (749K)

2007 Virtual Farm Tour of Value Added Enterprises in Northeast Kansas (1.1 megs)

Virtual Farm Tour of the Oren Long Farm (1.9 meg)

2006 Virtual Farm Tour of Value Added Enterprises in Northeast Kansas (4.2 megs)

Subscribing to Change - Starting and Sustaining a Vegetable Subscription Service
(8.7 megs)

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