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Heartland Sustainable Agriculture Project

Field tourThe Heartland Network empowers rural communities to develop production and food systems that effectively balance profitability, quality of life, and land stewardship. The Network seeks to build leadership and working partnerships that integrate farms, food systems, and institutions into a sustainable future.

The Kansas Rural Center has organized networks of farmer-to-farmer clusters to promote sustainable farming practices and value-added markets. These clusters have used on-farm trials, workshops, field trips, pasture walks, whole farm planning, feasibility studies, market research and business planning to explore change. Master farmers mentor other farmers through a shared learning journey to transfer management skills and wisdom to the next generation of farmers. The clusters listed below have received technical and financial support from the Kansas Rural Center.

If you are interested in more information on the Heartland Network, please contact Mary Fund, or 785-873-3431 Individual Heartland clusters and contacts are listed below.

Heartland Cluster Contacts

Click on any of the cluster names to read more about them:Tea Tasting




Checking the soilFlint Hills Graziers - This grazing cluster learns how management intensive grazing and a mix of forages extends the grazing season. Please contact Rick Hanschu, 133 Quail Road, Ramona, KS 67475, (785) 965-2602,

Four Seasons - Management intensive grazing and clean water farming practices guide this cluster. Please contact Mary Howell, 1723 Wildcat Road, Frankfort, KS 66427-8618, (785) 292-4955 or (785) 562-8726 (cell),

Great Plains Organic Herb Growers Association - This organization's mission is to foster communication among herb growers, buyers, and users. Please contact Rob Marshall, 908 W. 20th Terrace, PO Box 4422, Lawrence, KS 66046, (785) 841-9241,


Kansas Graziers Association - This organization seeks to link the grazing clusters of the Heartland Network together by sponsoring grazing conferences and tours. Please contact Mary Howell, 1723 Wildcat Rd., Frankfort, KS 66427, (785) 292-4955 or (785) 562-8726 (cell),

Meat Goats


Kansas Organic Producers
- This cooperative brokers organic grain for its members. Please contact Ed Reznicek, Rt.2, Box 23, Goff, KS 66428, (785) 939-2032,





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