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Kansas Rural Center Action Alerts

Beginning in the 2011 state legislative session, the Kansas Rural Center offered Weekly E-Reports, with updates and alerts on the development of the 2012 federal farm bill throughout the year.
That service continues in 2012.
  Paul Johnson, Perry, Ks., farmer and former lobbyist for a consortium of church groups, is staffing this effort, which will monitor the state legislature for decisions affecting food and farming, marketing and food safety, natural resources, and economic issues such as the overall budget process, school finance, and other emerging issues of interest to rural Kansans and anyone interested in a sustainable future for Kansas.

These important updates may be sent by email to those that have specifically opted in to received them.

Services include:

  • Weekly E-Reports, January-May 2012. Registered as a lobbyist for KRC, Johnson will produce weekly E-Reports, and track and testify on bills and issues related to farm and food policy. He will also be monitoring state budget issues, including Kansas State University programs, Kansas Department of Agriculture activities, and programs impacting water conservation and quality, small meat processors promotion and regulation, farmers markets promotions, and state food policy goals. Other issues may include rBGH milk labeling, defining sustainable agriculture in law, and existing property tax exemptions for commercial wind and 'tar sands' pipelines.

  • Teleconference Call Updates. In addition to the weekly E-Reports during the session, Paul and KRC staff will host teleconference calls to keep you abreast of legislative happenings. These will offer a short report on status of issues, and a question and answer opportunity for participants. These calls may include updates on federal farm program budgets and program changes as that debate gets underway in Washington, D.C . Call-in information is below.

  • Updates on Federal Farm Programs and the 2012 Farm Bill (Jan.-Dec.) The Weekly E-Reports also include updates or notices on developments in the next federal farm bill during the session, and special alerts the rest of the year as needed.

You may register to receive the weekly E-Reports on this web page.

For further information, contact:
Mary Fund
Kansas Rural Center
Box 133
Whiting, Ks. 66552

You may contact Paul Johnson at:

Schedule for KRC's Legislative and Policy Watch Teleconference Calls

As part of the Legislative and Policy Watch Program, KRC will host teleconference calls on legislative issues. Led by Paul Johnson, these calls will give participants an opportunity to get up to date information and analysis of key agriculture, food related and conservation issues .

Much like KRC's monthly Grazing Teleconference Calls which link up farmers and ranchers to hear from experts on forages, grazing and livestock management issues, these calls will provide timely information on happenings in the Statehouse.

The calls are free. Simply follow the call-in information below.  The calls are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  The Weekly Update will provide information.  To receive the Update, contact Mary Fund at

DIAL 1-888-387-8686 at the time scheduled for the call
ENTER ROOM NUMBER 588 898 2# (be sure to include the # symbol at the end)
and wait for moderator.

For more information, contact:
Mary Fund at 785-873-3431 or
or Paul Johnson at 785-597-5858, or


Below is the most recent installment of KRC's Weekly 2012 E-Report.

Previous editions, including those written by Paul Johnson covering the 2011 and 2012 Kansas State Legislative Session, can be read here.

If you have not signed up to receive these by email, please consider doing so. 
If you have already signed up - thank you!

These reports and regular teleconference calls (see above) are available to all interested persons at no cost, but a contribution is appreciated.

You may register to receive the weekly E-Reports on this web page.

For more information, contact Mary Fund at 785-873-3431 or

To see previous E-Reports, click here.


NOVEMBER 7, 2012

by Mary Fund

In This Edition:
-  It's Time for a Better Farm Bill!

To Contact Your Kansas Congressman, State Representative or Senator, and for links to more information, see below.

WELCOME to KRC's Weekly E-Report on agriculture, local foods and related topics!

Dear Friend,

Now that you've cast your ballot in the 2012 election, it's time to vote again - only this time for a better food and farm system! As you know, Congress left town in August without acting on the 2012 Farm Bill.

The House and Senate come back to DC next week for their "lame duck" post-election session, and this is our last chance to call for a farm bill this year - one that invests in the future of healthy farms, food, and people; protects our natural resources; and makes long-overdue reforms to farm subsidies and levels the playing field for family farmers.

KRC is joining with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) and its member organizations to urge Congress to act by the end of the year. You can help by signing the petition via this link and joining thousands of others across the country in calling Congress on a national coordinated call-in day on November 15.

By signing your name to this petition, you'll let Congress know that your vote is going for an equitable, sustainable 21st century farm bill that:

  • Invests in healthy farms, food, and people - NOT processed junk
  • Protects the livelihoods of small-scale family farmers - NOT the profits of mega-farms and industrial ag
  • Rewards farmers for their environmental stewardship - NOT the neglect of our air, soil, and water.

Add your name today!

Thank you for all you do.

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To contact your Kansas State Senator, see the  Senate Roster
It provides telephone numbers for their Topeka offices and e-mail addresses.

To contact your Kansas State House Representative, see the House Roster
It provides telephone numbers for their Topeka offices and e-mail addresses.

If you are unclear as to who your Senator or Representative is, the Institute for Policy and Social Research website has a "How to Find Your Legislator" interactive map.

For a complete directory of U.S. Congressional Senators and Representatives (D.C. offices and state offices), Kansas State Legislators and Committees, CLICK HERE.

Kansas' U. S. Congressional Delegation and their Washington D.C. phone numbers

Senator Pat Roberts: 202-224-4774 Senator Jerry Moran: 202-224-6521
Rep. Tim Huelskamp
(District 1)
Rep. Lynn Jenkins
(District 2)
Rep. Kevin Yoder
(District 3)
Rep. Mike Pompeo
(District 4)

Supplement ll to Preliminary Summary of Legislation: 2012 Kansas Legislature was completed on June 3. This supplement contains summaries of selected bills from May 20 through adjournment. This supplement contains information on water bills, land-spreading of 'fracking wastes', the state budget, KPERS omnibus bill and the mega-tax bill - Senate Sub. for HB 2117. The first summary came out on April 29 while Supplement 1 came out on May 2. These three publications cover all of the major legislation passed by the 2012 Kansas Legislature.

KHI will have the latest reporting on the progress of KanCare. Check KHI's recent reporting on the problems with managed care plans in Kentucky. They will also have detailed reporting on the United States Supreme Court's decision on the President's 'Affordable Care Act' when that decision is released this month. KHI is the best source of reporting on medical and social service issues in Kansas.

CURB intervenes in utility rate increase cases for residential and small business customers before the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). There are major rate requests by the large electric and natural gas companies now before the KCC. You can sign up for the newsletter from CURB that gives you detailed background information on Westar, KCP&L and Kansas Gas Service rate requests being heard by the KCC. CURB also tracks legislation before the Kansas Legislature to determine its impact on residential and small business customers.

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On behalf of the board and staff of the Kansas Rural Center, I want to thank those who have contributed to this project. We look forward to working with you in 2012 to help build a food and farming system that cares for the land and people. Your participation and your donation in support of KRC's 2012 Legislative and Policy Watch Program will make this possible.

Please join us today!

Mary Fund, Kansas Rural Center 
785 873 3431
Kansas Rural Center | 304 Pratt Street | PO Box 133 | Whiting | KS | 66552

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